Oak & Dagger Public House is excited to welcome David Underwood as our First Friday artist in July!

The Accidental Artist

David was born January 23, 1974 in Winter Park Florida. The first of two children adopted by Roger and Ester. David grew up in Oviedo Florida, a small town between Orlando and The NASA Space Center.  He has 5 children and lives with his wife Abigail and 2 minor children in Durham, NC.

David was always creative as a child but never took his creativity seriously. It was just a part of his personality. David never took any art classes or even saved any of his artwork growing up. When he was in his early 30s a release through artwork was becoming increasingly important. Mental health struggles would rule the next 5-6 years. More art, more art. It became his next great obsession. Drawing on pants, walls, tables and even sometimes paper. But, he insisted he wasn't an artist. Family began to drop off or send used canvases and colored pencils and half used bottles of paint. After years of this and beginning to create a collection of pieces he still insisted that he wasn't an artist. Friends would ask to buy something and he would always “think about it” but never let anything go. 

In 2013 David was shot in the neck while fighting off one of two home invaders. After being miraculously saved at Duke University Hospital he was able to heal but within two years had to be hospitalized with Necrotizing fasciitis and group A Strep once again close to death with the possibility of losing a leg. Duke Hospital saved him again. 3 times to be exact. It was when his teeth started to fall out all of the sudden and he was in such pain that he wouldn't sleep for days that he decided to start letting his artwork go up for sale. He is a stubborn, strange man. An accidental artist.

David Underwood Final.jpg